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Our Process

We have a 6 step process. Details below..

Step 1 - Interviews

Here at Boverhof Builders, we want all our customers to  to interview us as well as Boverhof Homes interview you. This is very important, not all customers and builders are a good fit for each other.

Step 2 - Design

WIthin a few weeks of the interview stage, most customers would like to set up a design meeting. We do not have a set list of prints to choose from. Everything is custom. We can take ideas from one house and design the home that makes sense for you and your family. We offer this at NO charge to our customer. 

Step 3 - Contracts

We always draw the house and price the house before we get to contract stage. Here you will receive a detailed scope of work and detailed pricing for your new home.  When you sign contract for your new home, Boverhof Homes will need two items: Down Payment of $10,000 and a pre approval letter from your selected bank.

Step 4 - Banking

Waiting. Patience with most banks are needed. This step can take up to 6 weeks. During this time Boverhof Homes will begin to work on permits so the day we close on the loan, is the day we start.

Step 5 - Construction 

Every home that Boverhof Homes does is different. They range from 3 months all the way up to 9 months depending on finishes, size of home, and location.  Boverhof Homes does not guarantee a completion day due to weather, labor, & unforeseen land obstacles. 

Step 6 - Closing 

Within 5 days of Certificate of Occupancy issue, we are ready to close.  Here you will be in touch with your Boverhof Rep to make sure that this can happen. We will need to speak to your bank and get appraisal ordered three weeks before completion. 

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